Your Opinion, Does It Matter?

Everybody has one.  I’m talking about an opinion, not a belly button.  Well everyone has one of those, but no one usually judges it unless you are totally worthless and really feel so bad about yourself that you have to put people down for something they have absolutely no control over.

Change is one of the most hated events on the planet.  If you or someone else purposes (or the boss forces) a change to the way things are currently done, then your enemies abound.

Why is that?  Maybe if we would step back and look to see if giving new way a chance would work, we just might be surprised.  No, we must bad mouthing the change and living in the past which is obviously where the future lies.  Give no chance for a better way to come along and make anything better.  We must live in the everyday senseless “same ole story, same ole song and dance” because we are afraid to admit that someone else’s way might be better.

I’m done with them and I will miss them.  Does your opinion matter?  Yes, but not the everyone.  Be ready for it.

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